Bean & Boy

Stacey & Graeme Siddon are the faces behind handmade soap company 'Bean & Boy and they've been making soaps the traditional cold-pressed way for over 3 years. 

Originally from Cape Town South Africa and now living in Sunny Southend, Stacey has always been interested in natural skincare and home products and has been experimenting for years.

Her interest in homemade grew when her daughter was born - "She has eczema, and I wanted to be 100% confident in the skincare products I was using to make sure that nothing triggered any flare-ups. When you make your own, you can be confident that no nasties go in. I know that my kid's skin is safe and cared for when I use Bean & Boy soap, and I want other people to have that same confidence."

Stacey and Graeme love experimenting with different combinations of oils and botanicals to produce amazing soaps that surprise you. Their fave is their charcoal soap - "It's fun to make and results in a pitch black bar that lathers brilliantly with bright white bubbles.  Nature is wonderful, and gives us amazing ingredients."